Message from the Head of the School

I am happy to have taken charge as the Head of this School of Engineering Entrepreneurship on the 1st of October 2020!
This School was established at a time when the country was still trying to understand how Entrepreneurship Education is needed to be imparted to the finest of the students entering the IIT System in the traditional way of choosing career skills. This School is named after Professor Rajendra Mishra, who once served as a Professor of the Mechanical Engineering Department of IIT Kharagpur. Professor Rajendra Mishra was one of the first teachers of management education in the IIT System, way ahead of the times before the Management School came up in various IITs.

Having taken charge as a Head of this School, I feel deeply motivated to develop new strategies to reform, perform and transform the Engineering Entrepreneurship academic ecosystem of IIT Kharagpur and see this as an opportunity to ensure that the needs of entrepreneurship education, skill development and management are instilled in the brightest of young minds entering the IIT System. With todays’ rapidly changing local and global market place, it is increasingly being felt that the transformation based on digital technologies, AI, Data Sciences and Innovations in all spheres of Product Development and Service sectors is becoming more relevant. Established inside the first IIT, which is already excelling with some of the finest of engineering and science departments and blending with its Business, Intellectual Property Law and Medical Technology Schools, makes this transformation more synergistic.
With our beloved country of over 1.4 billion aspiring consumers, the need of developing new products and running services from within our own country is going be an ever-increasing challenge. It is only a challenge that the entrepreneurs from Institutions like our IIT Kharagpur can take-up. We from this school are ready to provide the leadership skills to our students and with the help of our patrons, supporters, and collaborators to meet the demands of the times. We have some of the most talented faculty in their respective domains of excellence that supplements all the needs of holistic entrepreneurship training. We are also supported by the best of faculty from other departments of the institute: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Communications Engineering, Computer Science, Life Sciences as well as from Agriculture, Energy, Business Management, Intellectual Property Law, Economics, Social Sciences, etc. and a vibrant innovation ecosystem in our campus.
We also offer a fine repertoire of courses in an extremely flexible manner to all our students in a Four Year Program with micro-specializations, Five year dual degree programme along with multiple electives building skills of Entrepreneurship and an exciting forward looking technology development oriented PhD Programme. In addition, we support initiatives of students getting into businesses through our Entrepreneurship-Cell and foster startups though Head-Start, both of which are handled by our school.

I look forward to any one ready to associate with us either in form of joining as students, establishing academic collaborations and for providing the leadership support to all forms of enterprises in India and abroad, entrepreneurs, policy makers and the academia. We will be happy to build the right partnerships and extend all our support and services to these activities that are in line with the goals of the school, institute and our nation.

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Dr. C. S. Kumar, Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Head, Rajendra Mishra School of Engineering Entrepreneurship