Doctor of PhilosophyMaster of ScienceDual DegreeMicro Specialization

Doctor of Philosophy

The School provides facilities for research leading to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D).

The Ph.D degree is awarded on the basis of satisfactory performance of a registered candidate in prescribed coursework and seminars, submission of a thesis by the candidate, and a final viva voce. The thesis should be a report of research work based upon by either discovery of new facts or a new interpretation of known facts and theory, or an independent design and development, or development of new instrument/technology.

Data Analytics
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Business Analytics
  • Complex networks
Health Care Management
  • Healthcare operations management
  • Health service delivery
  • Image Processing
Energy Management & Sustainability
  • New materials for Energy Storage
  • Energy Storage for e-vehicles
  • Sustainable renewable energy integration
  • Nonconventional Energy Applications
Waste Management
  • E-waste management
  • Waste energy management
  • Solid Waste Management
Product Development
  • Engineering design process
  • Product development & prototyping
  • Phytochemical development:
  • Multidisciplinary Product Development
Entrepreneurship Development
  • Technology Entrepreneurship and quality issues
  • Entrepreneurial Business environment and Leadership
  • Entrepreneurial Ecosystem and Technology Transfer
  • Entrepreneurial Finance, economics & Governance Issues
  • Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development

Master of Science

The application for MS admission is invited twice annually by IIT Kharagpur during March-April and October-November.

The candidate, if admitted to MS programme, needs to take course work of stipulated credits as suggested by Departmental Academic Committee (DAC). This is followed by research seminar and a thesis out of original research, which generally leads to peer-reviewed international publications. The duration of MS programme is minimum two years. This is a master level programme and requires extensive research on topic of interest of faculty members in RMSoEE.

Dual Degree

Become an engineer with an actual degree in entrepreneurship!

Our dual-degree program involves a B.Tech. in a Parent Department with M.Tech. in Engineering Entrepreneurship.

Engineering Entrepreneurship

Our dual-degree program grooms students as entrepreneurs to become more attuned to social needs.Renowed and experienced industrialists come together with scholars to mentor our students who are enrolled to this course.

Each student is encouraged to work on his/her ideas under their guide. The School provides them with the infrastructure, equipment, mentorship and hands-on experience necessary to execute their idea along-with legalities and funding from its ecosystem.

Of special mention is all-time access to the Innovation lab with state-of-the-art facilitiesand real-estate for tinkering with a prototype.Ourfaculty, who themselves are authorities in the fields they represent are further trained to pay utmost attention to newer and even seemingly implausible ideas and are always available to mentor the students.

The School’s motto is to create sustainable social impact through engineering innovation in the thrust areas of the Institute – our Dual-Degree students have left national as well as international footprints – some have made a fortune while some made it on Fortune because of the impact of their entrepreneurial ventures!

Micro Specialization

Top your engineering degree up with entrepreneurship expertise. Get the extra edge by having added business knowledge and go-to-market aptitude with your technical skills.

We offer a micro-specialization degree on Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Innovation, entrepreneurship, and enterprise are inextricably related. An executive is expected to possess certain entrepreneurial qualities for effective decision-making, which call for innovative thinking about resources of the enterprise. Our proposed micro-specialization program has been structured to impart knowledge in a balanced way so as to equip future executives with the necessary inputs in how to maximize the value of the enterprise.

Number of subjects needed to earn the Micro-specialization: 04

Minimum credits needed to earn the Micro-specialization: 12