Cigital’s holistic approach to application security offers a balance of managed and professional services and products tailored to fit its clients’ specific needs. The company provides remediation guidance, program-design services, and training which empower its clients to build and maintain secure applications.
A2 Advance Automation Pvt. Ltd.
A2 Advance Automation Private Limited is a private company. It is involved in the manufacture of energy-efficient flyer body for jute spinning.
Unlax Consumer Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Unlax Consumer Solutions has developed ‘Easyfriday’, a smart home-mangement platform. It facilitates after-sales support using Internet of Things (IoT) and data analytics.
Ikure Techsoft Pvt.Ltd
Ikure Techsoft’s primary mission is to offer complete solution to India’s rural areas’ healthcare where it is in abysmal condition. Through creation and management of a huge database of patients, doctors and hospitals, IKure is monitoring rural India’s healthcare very competently.
Searchlight Mediatech Pvt. Ltd.
Searchlight Mediatech is a fast-growing web development company in Kolkata. It provides custom website design and web development for all types of business purposes. It offers progressive services in the area of custom php programming, flash design, template design, blog templates, content writing and SEO services for its clients.
AgNEXT Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
AgNext offers innovating digital interventions to solve pressing issues in agriculture. It has introduced a unique platform of hardware, software and analytics-as-a-service. Techonolgies such as unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Agriculture Drones), Internet of Things (IoT) based sensor-networks for Soil/Weather/Water analysis, GPS guided equipment and tractors, etc., are changing the face of agriculture.
Suncraft Energy Pvt. Ltd.
Suncraft Energy manufactures electronic products used to generate solar energy. It also and provides solar EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) and advisory services in renewable energy. Some of its products include solar inverters or PCUs (Power Conditioning Units) and SEMUs (Smart Energy Management Units), etc.
Tradelab Software Pvt.Ltd.
Tradelab Software focuses on developing and delivering end-to-end software solutions for the global trading community. It emphasizes on low latency, accurate real-time analysis, and intuitive user interfaces. Its cross-functional expertise in software development and capital markets uniquely places us in understanding and addressing the requirements of various market participants.
Dataresolve Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Data Resolve specializes in addressing issues related to corporate fraud, data leak and employee productivity with security analytics via end points, from in-premise and on-cloud platforms. Two of its products are: ‘inDefend –Solution for Insider Threat Management for Desktop and Laptops’ and ‘MobSec–Solution for Mobile Workforce Management for Smart Devices’.
Intinno Technologies Pvt. Ltd
Intinno Technologies the powerful Web 2.0 in aiding learning process, and it facilitates the dissemination of knowledge trhough e-learning tools for all kinds of learners from all walks of life.
Sperimentex Lab Solutions
Sperimentex Lab Solutions develops low-cost and technically modified liquid chromatography column.
Gunpoint Technologies LLP
Gunpoint Technologies LLP manufactures and improves existent laser-tag equipment to make it suitable for a varied spectrum of applications.
Skincurate Research
SkinCurate Research is a research company that develops technologies for patient-centric total skin theranostics. Founded by IIT-KGP graduates, the organisation holds strong global partnerships in developing affordable, scalable, point-of-care and cost-effective technological solutions for label free and non-invasive in situ diagnostic imaging.
Amnivor Medicare Pvt. Ltd.
Amnivor Medicare was founded by a group of IIT-KGP graduates with the aim to transfer the outcome of the research into deliverable products. The indigenously developed technology ensures healthcare service to the mass of the population of our country, particularly the poor section cost effectively.
BG Mobility Labs Pvt. Ltd.
BG Mobility Labs runs a cloud-based application testing platform, which enables developers to test their applications in real-life market situations before launching them. It also helps developers to figure out the way applications will interact with the devices in terms of performance, usability, and UI/UX framework.
Vas Bros. Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.
Vas Bros. Enterprises ensures safe drinking water, which is affordable for all, by removing the dangerous chemicals like Arsenic, Lead, Cadmium, etc. In doing so, it manages to keep all the minerals intact.
ANTS Ceramics Pvt. Ltd.
Ants ceramics is into developing, manufacturing and marketing fine and engineered ceramic components, which are widely used in diverse industrial applications. the company innovatesin technologies for ceramics shaping and brings out the best-performance ceramics at reasonable costs.
Intugine Technologies
IntuGine Technologies presents a tiny and flexible ring shaped device designed to magically transform 15 ft in your device into a highly accurate interactive space.
Inshorts is a web- and app-based news portal that simplifies news ietms in 60 words. This technology is directed at the on-the-go generation who do not have the time to go trhough long-winded news articles.
Zreyas Technology Pvt. Ltd.
Zreyas Technology is all about system technologies in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) used primarily for manufacturing. The company works in the area of cutting edge sensors, Internet of Things (IoT), further diversified into Connected Smart Machine platform and various factory process automation such as asset tracking, auto-identification, etc.
Azure Software Pvt. Ltd.
As an ISO certified organization, Azure Software offers expertise in technology understanding, design and implementation of customer projects in timely, efficient and cost-effective way.
Capillary Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Capillary provides OmniChannel engagement and commerce solutions that help consumer brands increase customer reach, engagement, sales and loyalty. The solution suite includes CRM & Loyalty, MartJack E-Commerce Platform, Marketing Cloud, Customer Analytics, and O2O Commerce.
Powersys Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Powersys Technologies studies, analyzes, designs and implements solutions to enrgy systems including renewable and new energy sdstems and their problems.
Electrosoft Services
Electrosoft delivers a diversified set of technology-based solutions and services differentiated by thought leadership and innovation.
Auro Robotics Pvt. Ltd.
Auro Robotics develops transport vehicles for university or corporate campuses. This vehicle runs on electricity, charges fast, and has features like climate control, full 360° sensing with lidars and cameras, etc.
Ecofrost Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
The company builds cold storage for perishable farm goods. This product is affordable and caters to those farmers who cannot otherwise access exisitng cold storages to prevent their goods from perishing.
Sankalp Semiconductor Pvt. Ltd.
Sankalp Semiconductor, started in 2005, has established itself as a leading analog mixed-signal technology solutions company. Its unique approach of building technology centers across various cities of India. It has helped it to scale its delivery model and set up a good customer base.
P2 Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
The company collaborates with top research institutes, government organisations, and experts from the industry to design affordable and efficient power solutions. P2 Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has an impressive client list of more than 250+ key players in all sectors.
KE Technical Textile Pvt. Ltd.
The company specializes in making industrial lead acid battery components, microporous PVC / Silica separator. These separator is the result of a unique extrusion process using as raw material: PVC, silica, carbon black and stabilizers. AS-KETEX now have facility to provide both ribbed and corrugated separators.
IcubedG Ideas Pvt. Ltd. RISUG
IcubedG Ideas Pvt. Ltd. a new male contraceptive called Reversible Inhibition of Sperm Under Guidance (RISUG). The company manufactures and develops this new pioneering drug.
Ideazfirst Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd.
We are a young and dynamic marketing services and events management firm. We provide end to end to end tailor-made technical consulting for business and marketing solutions for all our clients.
Intellisys Technologies&Research Pvt. Ltd.
INTELLISYS Technologies & Research Pvt. Ltd, is a high-end global research and development company in the field of visual collaboration, video-conferencing, technology-enabled collaboration and unified communication.
S. M. Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Established in 2007, SM Technologies Pvt. Ltd., offers successful services to varied types of wireless communications: Transceiver Experiment Kit, RFID/Smart Card and Desktop Visualization Products.
Focus R&D Pvt. Ltd.
Our company excels in the deep research of various softwares softwares used for newer innovations.
Aptsource Software Pvt. Ltd.
Our Company streamlines business workflow automation and integration, business intelligence and decision support. And it caters to service-oriented architecture/enterprise.
Centre For Advanced Communication
Interactive Software Integrated Learning System (ISILS) is for multimedia content delivery and interaction. It is a computer controlled electronic device which is needed to deliver multimedia content and interact with users.