Rajendra Mishra School of Engineering Entrepreneurship (RMSoEE), IIT Kharagpur has celebrated its 6th Research Scholars’ Day “Insight 2019”, on January 23, 2019, at Seminar Room, Central Library, IIT Kharagpur. The event was graced by Esteemed Chief Guest Dr. W. R. Reddy, IAS (Director General, NIRDPR, Hyderabad), Guest Speaker Prof. Surjya Kanta Pal (Professor, Mechanical Engineering, IIT Kharagpur), Prof. Prasanta Kumar Das (Dean, Post Graduate Studies & Research (PGS&R), IIT Kharagpur). The theme for the Research Scholars Day 2019 was “National Initiatives on Innovation and Entrepreneurship” focusing on the identification, recognition and showcasing of innovation from the students to promote a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in the areas of Internet of Things (IoT), Energy, Waste Management, Health Care. The day witnessed some motivating and thought-provoking speech by all of our esteemed guests.

The function began with the soothing invocation song, and the Chief Guest officially inaugurated the Research Scholars’ Day 2019 by lightening the lamp. The Dean (PGS & R), Head of the School (RMSoEE) and Research coordinator (RMSoEE) assisted the Chief Guest and Guest Speaker in lightening the symbolic representation knowledge, the Lamp. Also, the school paid homage to Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, as this day marked the 122nd Birth Anniversary of this great leader. The inauguration session was followed by the inspiring address by Prof. Prasanta Das (Dean, PGS&R) who shared various research opportunities from the Institute and policy decisions in favor of researchers at IIT Kharagpur. The Head of School, Prof. Partha Pratim Das, then took over the dais and addressed the audience with the achievements and accomplishments of the school in the last year. The inaugural ceremony concluded with the release of souvenir “Insight 2019”.  The next session began with the address of Dr. W.R Reddy IAS (Director General, NIRDPR, Hyderabad) where the need for innovative education, skills and entrepreneurship for development of Rural India was acknowledged. Prof. Surjya Kanta Pal (Professor, Mechanical Engineering, IIT Kharagpur), Guest Speaker delivered an enlightening talk on “Advanced Manufacturing and Opportunities in Entrepreneurship” to motivate entrepreneurs towards manufacturing goods and quality improvement. Prof. Bhaskar Bhowmick from RMSoEE delivered a talk on the theme of Innovation and Entrepreneurship highlighting recent Govt. schemes and policies towards consolidating initiative like Make In India, Digital India, Standup India, Smart India Hackathon. Prof. Bhowmick also mentioned the initiative of Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) in introducing the Innovation-Cell to plan and organize efforts in Higher Educational Institutions (HEI) to bring the best minds forward.

A competition was organized among the research scholars of the school aligned to the theme “National Initiatives on Innovation and Entrepreneurship”, where the scholars presented their topic with a poster along with the prototype.  There were six groups and each group has presented an interesting demonstration of their project. Team “Swachh” presented the idea of making public toilets hygienic by developing solutions that could address the problems arising from both individual user and service provider. Team “Urja” proposed the use of Microbial fuel cells (MFCs) are bioelectrical devices that harness the metabolisms of microbes to produce electrical power directly from organic material. MFCs offer the possibility of generating an electric current from a wide range of soluble or dissolved complex organic wastes and renewable biomass. Team “Waste to Watt” proposed strategies to solve the dilemma of energy demand. Team “We-Care” presented an interesting topic on prevention of Fake News Generation and Circulation on Social Media by establishing the source of content generation, by easily fixing the liability of the user generating the fake and provocative content. Team “Falcon” developed a frugal drone for multi-utility application based on the convolution neural network based image processing and GPS data based search algorithm for enhancing the applicability of designed prototype. Last but not least, Team “Kalpataru” proposed a Smart and Dynamic Time Table Management System. The competition was judged by Guest Speaker Prof. Surjya Kanta Pal, Prof. Ram Babu Roy and Prof. Manoj Kumar Mondal from RMSoEE. The winners of the competition were Team “We- Care”, Team “Falcon” and Team “Urja”. All the winners were awarded with a token of appreciation.

The school also felicitated some of PhD. Graduates and students who have significantly contributed to the development of the school. The day ended on a high note with a lot of learning, and motivation for the students.


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