Rajendra Mishra School of Engineering Entrepreneurship

  • Development of Polymer electrolyte for Lithium-ion battery according to Indian market requirements


  • Design and Development of Biodegradable Women Hygiene Product
    • Initial prototype of the product had been made with the leaf material for the top and bottom layers, with cotton from cotton rolls as absorbent, and using the slit pattern for the design. Upon initial testing, it was inferred that the idea can be pursued as the leaf material worked suitably enough as the non-wetting layers. Also the design involving the slits worked in principle, but there is a large scope for improvement of the design in terms of dimensions, arrangement, assembly of the product, etc.
    • Promoter: Shiva Spurthy Gummadala
    • Product: Bio-degradable Sanitary Napkin for Women
    • Status: Provisional patent filed in May 2013 with Patent (Provisional) Application No. 615/KOL/2013. Complete specifications will be filed by May 2014.


  • Card based Electrical Metering System
    • A Smart Card Based Energy Meter (SCEM) enables power utilities to collect electricity bills from the consumers without the involvement of any individual/agent. The card based meter is not only limited to Automated Meter Reading [AMR] but is also attributed with information exchange with the utilities pertaining to customer’s consumption details. The idea of card based metering will be very important for the new research fields of Micro-grid and Smart Grid and is an inevitable step in making any grid smarter than it is now. Literature has witnessed quite an amount of work in prepayment electric metering system area. The use of electronic token prepayment metering has been widely used in UK for customers with poor record of payment.The system designed in this project is quite different from existing prepaid metering system, here smart card is simply used as a device which stores the units consumed & the amount of bill generated and consumers can pay the bill using the same through a centralized machine using their Debit/Credit Card.
    • Promoter: Abhishek Krishna
    • Product: Card based Electrical Metering System
    • Status: Prototype developed.