Is RMSoEE a part of IIT Kharagpur? Shall I get the degree from IIT Kharagpur?

Yes. RMSoEE is one of the schools of IIT Kharagpur. You will get an M.Tech in Engineering Entrepreneurship and a B.Tech in your core engineering from IIT itself.

Shall I be allowed to appear for placement or is it mandatory to form a start-up? Will the placement be open to core engineering companies?

Yes. You would be allowed to appear for placement in entrepreneurship as well as core engineering jobs. The placement record of all the batches till date have been very good. However if you go for forming a start-up and it fails deferred placement option is also available for up to two years of your graduation.

I am enrolled for B.Tech/Dual M.Tech. How does this M.Tech from RMSoEE help in my career development over the B.Tech/M.Tech in core engineering? Is this an MBA or equivalent?

This M.Tech in entrepreneurship will help shape your career with skills in product development, new venture creation and training in emerging areas of business analysis and management. While MBA focuses on business practices, this M.Tech allows you to engage your engineering skills better in business. Therefore you can expect better placement options from IIT.

What are the benefits of joining this Dual Degree M.Tech when I can opt for entrepreneurship electives from my core department or form a start-up with the support of STEP?

At RMSoEE, you comprehensively learn the whole business lifecycle from ideation to realization to growth through project classes, mentoring and partnership with entrepreneurs.

What is the structure of this M.Tech program? Will some of my core engineering courses be replaced by entrepreneurship courses or a lot of extra course loads will be added?

Total load of your B.Tech is the same. You take Entrepreneurship course in replacement of your other optional electives. No extra course load is added to your core engineering course.

What is the structure of the project in the M.Tech? Can I continue with my BTP in this? Or is it mandatory to develop a product? Where do I get the product idea? What if my product fails?

You can continue BTP in this project towards making a marketable product. Although it is highly encouraged to develop a product, it is not mandatory. There is no co-relation between failure of your product and getting the M.Tech degree. We believe that learning is more important than mere success or failure of your product.

What are the funding options available to entrepreneurs? Is specific support available for the students of IIT and / or RMSoEE?

Yes. Specific support is available for the RMSoEE students in terms of guidance to acquire funding at multiple stages of their activities. RMSOEE also helps to get funding from through integral programmes such as STEP, TIETS and TBI.

My parents want me to take up a job after completing my B.Tech. How can I convince my parents?

RMSoEE is a unique school at IIT that allows students to go for either placement or setting up your own venture after completion of the programme. The M.Tech widens your options for career growth.

We have our family business. How will this M.Tech help me in my family business?

The course offers professional and systematic development through entrepreneurial knowledge. This should significantly help you to manage/ grow your family business.

Are there opportunities for internship?

From 2014, the School has launched an initiative to help students with summer internship after 4th year.