Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

“There’s a way to do it better—find it.” –Thomas Edison

The Rajendra Mishra School of Engineering Entrepreneurship brings together the best of IIT-KGP’s resources, networks, mentoring and research acumen, to fuel budding entrepreneurs and give them a solid platform to develop their dreams.

The Physical Ecosystem:

Our-Ecosystem matches teachers with students, mentors with ideators, disruptors with dreamers and entrepreneurs with networks to ensure any kind of problem that a venture might be facing – be it technical, legal, financial or spatial – finds an avenue towards a solution.

The Entrepreneurship Ecosystem at RMSoEE is complemented by IIT KGP’s excellent legacy and infrastructure providing mentoring, incubation support and funding solutions and opportunities for industrial collaboration. IIT KGP’s faculty members and the centres of excellence provide critical knowledge support and mentoring which allows Faculty led innovation. Entrepreneurial and R&D ventures are provided with incubation support through various agencies under the aegis of IIT KGP. Industrial R&D has a long and successful history of collaboration at IIT KGP allowing young entrepreneurs to learn and prepare for market realities. Student innovation is actively encouraged through bodies like e-cell which organises the annual Global Entrepreneurship Summit, bringing to IIT KGP some of the most important figures across industries and the globe. Incubation of ideas is supported by SRIC and STEP, providing funding as well as crucial guidance.

Over more, our scholars study entrepreneurship as a subject to identify and predict trends in the entrepreneurial landscape both in the Indian context as well as that of the world. This often leads to unique thesis/research combinations which are themselves disruptive and trans-disciplinary in nature.

The Functional Ecosystem:

The school is singularly focused around innovations that are real and relevant in today’s world – we work every day to bring together the right kind of people and use our decades of engineering and enterprise knowledge to develop entrepreneurs, products and services that can be of service to our nation.

The functional ecosystem at RMSoEE consists of four pillars,the foremost being Engineering Entrepreneurship. This provides the academic base for building of a knowledge capital and includes entrepreneurship studies and research, international workshops, transdisciplinary research supplemented by tinkering labs. The Mentoring Networking draws on Industry, domain-experts, entrepreneurs and IIT KGP’s vast and distinguished alumni network. Funding, legal and technical support along with work space infrastructure is provided by Incubation Prototyping. Innovation impact is managed through industry collaborations and innovation labs with National Mission Laboratories to develop solutions with a social impact. Each aspect of this ecosystem is designed to complement the goal of our school to innovate and incubate.