Product development in today’s world has seen a major transformation in the way design, manufacturing and marketing is carried out in the industry or businesses. On one hand, there are major strides in the development of technologies for various aspects of design and manufacturing of new products or services. On the other hand it is equally important to develop businesses around these technologies to facilitate the adoption in the society and market with appropriate value. These are leading to innovation and development of new business ventures. IIT Kharagpur has a strong legacy of pioneering several new domains of education to its students to impart skills that go beyond the basic sciences and engineering professions. Starting with an undergraduate-post graduate dual degree program in 2010 wherein undergraduate students, admitted through JEE Advanced, have had the benefit of obtaining a master’s in Engineering Entrepreneurship, through the Rajendra Mishra School of Engineering Entrepreneurship (RMSoEE), the institute is now opening its vistas for introducing a stronger and new program at the masters’ level to students across all domains of engineering and sciences through the GATE examination.

The School of Engineering Entrepreneurship was established in 2010 under the visionary zeal of a former faculty of the institute Professor Rajendra Mishra who believed in developing a strong base in engineering education followed by an appropriate management education to be imparted to students at IIT Kharagpur. It has been envisaged that the school would respond to the fast-changing needs for innovation-driven and entrepreneur-led economic development in the country. The school has been striving to prepare young talents to think out of the box, translate ideas into marketable products and smartly execute business models to reach their benefits to the society and in the process, create great value to the nation. With a well-defined and properly tailored program, the new generation professionals will be confident to develop innovative products and rapidly bring them to market at the right value to be a sustainable technology or business case. The school has a strong mix of well-trained faculty who work along with faculty of various departments and centres and other specialty schools in the campus namely the Vinod Gupta School of Management, Rajiv Gandhi School of Intellectual Property Law, Subir Chowdhury School of Quality and Reliability etc.

This new M.Tech. program curriculum has been designed to give the students an opportunity to translate the product ideas, to test assumptions and validate customer interests. The program further enriches the understanding of essentials for technology innovation and entrepreneurship with focus on different aspects of early stage start-ups, design, marketing, finance, strategy, operations, business plan around the product ideation and development. The student will practice the pre-incubation process of problem identification, solution development, proof of concept validation and prototype development, feasibility analysis, development of business models, and developing their go-to-market strategies and launching of a new venture. A set of five mandatory core subjects will expose the students to the above with an option to select some topics of their choice from a plethora of elective subjects in a variety of electives from the school and the institute in general. These lecture classes are supported by well-planned laboratory courses providing access to several basic as well as advanced experimental facilities. This program aims to inspire students interested in advancing their own technology-based start-ups or develop innovative products within an organization. Students will be trained to think for sustainable engineering solutions strongly supported by business value creation. The students are mentored by experienced faculties, practice oriented experts and entrepreneurs to use their entrepreneurial mindset to design, create and implement; to develop capability in demonstrating innovative ideas; to harness skills and add to engineering know-how which can pave way to pursue a career in academic, research, industrial applications, or starting own ventures. As per current curricular norms, this program offers a unique feature whereby students will undertake a mandatory 8-week summer internship in either of the three categories viz. ‘Industry Internship’ or ‘Research Internship’ or ‘Project Internship’ under the mentorship of an expert from the institution/ industry/ research organizations. This would be followed by a M.Tech. project having the flavour of technology innovation and entrepreneurship.

The school also has a unique set of laboratories in a variety of domains like Product Analytics and Modelling, Energy Systems, Bio Lab, Fabrication Lab, Analytics Lab, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Modeling as well as direct access to other institutional facilities like The M.N.Faruqui Innovations Centre’s Design Facility and Tinkering Labs and other centres of excellence in Advance Manufacturing, Indian Knowledge Systems, Computational and Data Sciences etc. The rich and valued experience of the faculty at the school and that of other academic units of IIT Kharagpur gives the strongest impetus to any student aspiring for this program. The students also will have access to the campus incubators like Science and Technology Entrepreneurs Park (STEP), AI for Cyber Physical Systems Technology Innovation Hub, Agri-Business Incubation Centre (ABIC) and other emerging incubation centres. After completing the course, the students would be ready to take senior-level responsibilities in the diverse corporate world where entrepreneurial qualities drive success or start their own ventures. RMSoEE can be the best academic partner to your journey towards innovation and entrepreneurship.

The School offers M.Tech degree in:

RJ – Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Course Content: The M. Tech in Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship course aims to inculcate the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship among young innovators and equip them to lead the technology-based product and service innovation and start-up activities. There are core subjects like:

  • Entrepreneurship Essentials,
  • Innovation in Product Development Process,
  • Financial and Legal aspects of New Technology Ventures,
  • Technopreneurial Marketing,
  • Operations and Supply Chain Management.

In addition there is option of choosing from elective subjects of the school and many more from other departments, centres and schools of the institute, like:

  • Digital Entrepreneurship,
  • Introduction to Intellectual Property Law,
  • Entrepreneurship in Social Sector,
  • Product Development,
  • Techno-Entrepreneurial Leadership,
  • Engineering B-Plan Development – 1,
  • Technology Entrepreneurship,
  • Special Topics in Entrepreneurship,
  • Small Business Development,
  • Entrepreneurship in Social Sector,
  • Frugal Engineering,
  • Engineering Design Process,
  • Management of Growth Ventures,
  • Economics of Entrepreneurship,
  • Financing New Venture,
  • Innovation Management,
  • Engineering B-Plan Development –2,
  • Crop Protection Chemicals & Technopreneurship Development,
  • Design-Driven Innovation

Areas of Research: Data Analytics, Health Care Management, Applications of Computer Vision and IoT, Energy Management Sustainability, Energy Storage, New materials for Energy, Heterogeneous Catalysis, Waste Management, Bio and Agri product/tech Innovation and Management, Product Development, Manufacturing, Entrepreneurship Development.


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