Transformative Education for Sustainable Social Impact (TESSI) Institute

What a fantastic first week of the Transformative Education for Sustainable Social Impact (TESSI) Institute! It was full of motivation, collaboration, and education! It was remarkable and inspiring to see the unity and excitement among the varied educators—scientists, engineers, artists, humanists, and business experts—committed to altering courses for a sustained impact.
Our sincere gratitude goes out to our amazing Lehigh University partners, Drs. William Guadelli, Khanjan Mehta, Willy Das, and Saif Mir, for their joint establishment of this institute with Drs. Bhaskar Bhowmick, Prabha Bhola and Manoj Kumar Mondal of RMSoEE and Prof. Suman Chakraborty of Mechanical Engineering department at the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur. A committed team of research scholars, including Aishik Das, Bamacharan Kole, Dr. Lina Bose, Mr. Sachin Kumar Malik, Ms. Rimpa Pal, Mr. Tushar Tiwari, Abhishek Kulshreshtha, Gulshan Yadav, Debarchana Biswas, Naveen Chandrakar, Somalee Mitra, Suraj Sinha, and Neha Singh provided support. From the beginning to the end, your enthusiasm, dedication, and close attention to every little detail made this trip truly remarkable.

During the workshop, we explored the complexities of systems design in education, the process of creative inquiry, the entrepreneurial startup process, the craft of creating new course curricula, and much more. The journey was really illuminating, and a vast amount of knowledge was conveyed.

So many faces, so many stories, but all united by one common mission – To create social impact for the greater good.

The RMSoEE would like to express its gratitude to the following sponsors for helping to make this program possible: Mr. Madhukar Sharma, Mr. Himanshu Panday, Ms. Avni Malhotra, Ms. Lana Aranda of ASME India; Ms. Ranjeeta Bhattacharya of SwitchON Foundation (Environment Conservation Society); and Mr. Rabin Roy of Scholarlab.

Kudos to each and every TESSI participant! It was no small feat that you took a full week out of your hectic schedules to join us on this wonderful voyage. It was incredibly motivating to watch groups become teams, create effective educational initiatives, win over authorities, and even create extensive curricula and websites all at once.

The TESSI institute is indebted to our HoD, Dr Basab Chakraborty, and the faculty of RMSoEE for their continuous efforts and guidance.
To assist your program-building efforts and scale the TESSI Institute across India, the Creative Inquiry team at Lehigh University will be collaborating with IIT-Kharagpur and Dr. Krishna Vedula at the Indo Universal Collaboration for Engineering Education (IUCEE).

TESSI is a movement aimed toward a better, more sustainable future, not merely an event. The dedication to transforming education for societal effect is incredibly motivating.

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