Dr. CS Kumar

Robotics & Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE), Additive and Laser based Manufacturing, Systems and Networking, and Nanofabrication

Dr. Pranab K Dan

Engineering Design Process, Product Engineering & Prototyping, Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Dr. Basab Chakraborty

Energy Storage Materials, Sustainable Energy Management, Waste Energy Managament

Dr. Bhaskar Bhowmick

Entrepreneurial Environment & Leadership, Technology & Sustainable Development

Dr. Prabha Bhola

Econometric & Statistical Modeling, Data Analysis, Entrepreneurship & Technological Innovation

Dr. Mamoni Banerjee

Healthcare Management, Pesticidal Bio-efficacy study, Bio Product Development

Dr. Titas Bhattacharjee

Corporate disclosure, Corporate Governance, Entrepreneurial Finance

Dr. Ram Babu Roy

Healthcare Operations Management, Complex Networks, Big Data Analytics

Dr. Manoj Kumar Mondal

Solid Waste Management, Nonconventional Energy Application, Multidisciplinary Product Development

Dr. Mrigank Sharad

Artificial Intelligence, Signal Conditioning & Mixed-Signal VLSI Design, Social Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship Development, Internet of Things (IoT)