Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (IIT-KGP) is set to expand its tradition of research and innovation at Rajarhat, Kolkata, through the IIT-KGP Research Park, where industry and academia will work hand in hand.

This 350-crore research and innovation facility – first of its kind in eastern India – will foster entrepreneurship skills by bringing research, development and the industry under a single roof. Young entrepreneurs, typically using research and technology developed in collaboration with IIT-KGP, will be incubated in this facility.

The Park will allow development of collaborative research laboratories of partner organisations, incubation units and other academic and research facilities, amenities and utility units. It will also focus on areas such as engineering design and manufacturing, biomedical informatics, electronic design automation,urban and regional informatics, multimedia and image processing , nanotechnology, etc.

Part of the Park’s ecosystem will be to provide world-class mentorship by bringing in leading professionals from around the world, providing the young entrepreneurs and scientists the best kind of merging of both worlds.