Alive Home is an inventive app that is changing the way we manage our homes. Alive Home team from IIT-KGP, came up with an innovative product for connecting electrical appliances in a building to the internet for managing through mobile phones that helps to save electricity. The idea of connecting homes has been around for some time; but the available technologies are out of reach for most people. Alive Home steps in to fill this enormous gap in the society with their efficient and affordable scheme.
The app uses a ‘smart switch’ called Life, replacing our traditional switch boards at home. If one has a good internet connection, they can control every electrical device at home using the app on the mobile phone, from anywhere, anytime.
This system lets you easily manage and control real-time energy consumption of every electrical device at home, even when one is not at home. This would definitely help cut down electricity consumption. The smart device installed with the smart board monitors energy systems at home round the clock and gives out notifications whenever it is needed.
This service also gives one access of real time data of energy your appliances are using and notifies you when an appliance is turned on when it should be off. One can also schedule their appliance according to their needs, which saves a lot of electricity, resulting in reduction of your electricity bill.
The app-team is in touch with several real-estate agents so that the service can be installed as pilot project and its applicability can be tested. They are also developing a module which makes this system work offline.